The Church of Christ located in Deurne, a town in the Antwerp Province of Belgium, is a fellowship of Christians who worship according to the doctrines of the New Testament. It is a young church whose membership is open to people from all nationalities who seek to worship God in spirit and in truth. It is connected to all Churches of Christ within the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) region and across the whole of Europe. It is strongly committed to the doctrines of the New Testament, evangelism and the welfare of its members. This commitment is inspired by Biblical New Testament accounts of the organization of the church. Its address is located at Lakborslei, 108, Antwerpen-Deurne, Belgium.


Dear reader, this is a background note to explain to you that there is a congregation of the Church of Christ meeting at Lakborslei 108, 2100, Antwerpen-Deurne, separately from the Flemish Gemeente van Christus located at De Gryspeerstraat 92, 2100, Antwerpen-Deurne. This note is also to explain to our visitors and other brethren within the Christian community the reasons for this new congregation.

In the middle of April 2016, a majority of us moved away from the Flemish Gemeente van Christus (GvC) to separately congregate at the new venue. We had to do this for two reasons: first, to preserve the sanctity of the doctrines governing worship in the Lord’s Church, and second, to apply ourselves to sound church management principles that would help the growth of the church. Our former congregation was not offering us these because the leadership of the congregation was not opening up the management of the church to involve all members. The preacher also did not keep true to the early church doctrines about worship. After a series of unsuccessful efforts to get other church brethren to engage in resolving these differences, we decided that we had to move our separate way. This was to allow us continue steadfastly in our first love, to stay true to it and to improve our church administration.

We welcome all our visitors to our new location to join hands with us in offering our Lord Jesus Christ the undiluted worship that He has commanded us through His Word.

May God Bless You