Bro. Dan Owusu Asiamah, a preacher of the word of God, and a member of the Church of Christ in Central Takoradi, Ghana, has completed a 2-day working visit to the Church of Christ in Antwerp, Belgium. His exhortation and evangelism mission was from the 31st October to 1st November 2016 in response to an invitation from the leadership committee of the Church in Antwerp.

He spoke on the topics; Tithing, Giving and Who is a Christian?. On the first day, he motivated members of the church to commit themselves to giving for the Lord’s course and in obedience of God’s word. On the second day the auditorium at Lakborslei 108, Antwerpen-Deurne was packed with over a hundred people who came to partake in the 7-hr Bible Class on Tithing and Who is a Christian. Those who attended included members of the  Church all around Belgium (Ghent, Brussels etc) as well as visitors who had come to hear and see him in person.  Many had heard him on radio and on YouTube and the leadership of the Church of Christ in Antwerp also did a great job to publicize the event on radio around the whole of Europe.

As usual, Bro. Dan Asiamah gave an extensive and deep biblical rendition of why  ‘Tithing is not biblical’, why ‘Giving is an integral part of the Christian’s worship’ and ‘how true Christianity can be  practically demonstrated’. There was enough time for attendees to ask their questions and the preacher took time to respond to them from the perspective of the Bible.

Many attendees left the event happy, informed and motivated to improve their lot as Christians and to search for the truth about Christianity in today’s world. Bro. Asiamah has since, left Antwerp en route to the USA where he will continue with his evangelism.

May God’s will be done!!

See below for some more pictures from the event:

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