“Do more in your worship” – Bro. Thomas Ofori (Preacher)


The preacher (3rd row middle: in white shirt and suit) in a group pose with the church members
The preacher (3rd row middle: in white shirt and suit) in a pose with the church

Bro. Thomas Ofori, preacher of the gospel and member of the Church of Christ in Verona (Italy), has paid a week’s working visit to the Church of Christ in Antwerp-Deurne (Belgium) from 15 – 23 August 2016. His visit was in response to an invitation from the Church in Antwerp for him to spend a week with the church and lead various bible study sessions and sermon meant to strengthen the young congregation.

During his visit, the preacher demonstrated his God-given grace in the understanding of the scriptures as he explored the topic: ‘Acts of Worship’. The heavily attended evening and morning Bible-study sessions saw the preacher delve into some revealing biblical exhortations and responded to various questions from all those who attended as members sought to deepen their knowledge in the scriptures.

Referring to the worship practices of the early Church of Christ in the Bible, Bro. Thomas Ofori re-iterated the call for any Church and Christian seeking to please God to ‘speak where the Bible speaks, and be silent where the Bible is silent’ (1 Corinthians 14: 6). He admonished Christians to rise above mediocrity and put more effort into their worship; whether in giving, prayer, songs, remembering the Lord’s death, studying the scriptures or even in their daily lives.

In a meeting with the leadership committee of the Church in Antwerp, the leadership expressed their profound thanks to him for his dedication and response to the invitation. The preacher has since returned to his work in Verona. May God continue to strengthen and bless Bro. Thomas Ofori as he also continues to devote his mind and life to preaching the word of God, and to nourishing the Lord’s church all over Europe and beyond.   Amen!

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